Alia Hess is an autistic, nonbinary author and artist, writing the stories they want to read. They grew up in the middle of the Idaho desert and spent their hour-long bus rides to and from school reading books on UFOs and the paranormal. As they grew older and developed a passion for art and writing, they never shook their love of the fantastic and unknown.

Alia writes cozy and uplifting stories in normally gritty genres. They are author of the post-apocalyptic Travelers Series, and the 1930s flavored dystopian series, Hep Cats of Boise.

When not hunched before a computer screen, Alia can be found hunched over their art desk. They run on a constant stream of 80s New Wave and seltzer water. If you catch their eyes glazing over when talking to them, they're just eavesdropping on the character conversations in their head.

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