A wasteland of deception, danger, and deadly cults stands in the way of a little girl's life.

All Jack’s life, he’s yearned for family. But as suddenly as three-year-old Poppy came into his life, she might leave it. Her compromised immune system is grappling with an aggressive virus, and her symptoms are growing worse by the day.

A treatment is waiting out in the wasteland. Armed with a truck, a few clues, and Corvin—his new traveling companion—Jack sets out to find the cure. But his survival skills are rusty, Corvin is keeping secrets, and the friendly bull terrier they pick up along the way is no ordinary dog.

Problems compound when the treatment turns out to be in the hands of a mysterious order known for violence and kidnapping. Jack has just enough time to reach the cure and make it back to help Poppy… but he and Corvin will be heading into a certain trap.

Wolfwater Book Trailer

The Travelers Series is a collection of "cozy" post-apocalyptic books by author, Alia Hess. Many can be read as standalone stories.

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