In post-apocalyptic America, one man is determined to save himself… from himself.

Sasha Roborovskiy arrived in America eager to leave his past of alcoholism and impulsiveness behind. But old habits die hard and becoming resident screw-up in the research facility he works in isn’t the life he’s dreamed of. 

When his bosses unleash a deadly virus in a maniacal attempt at cleansing the world, it’s Sasha’s chance to do good and prevent catastrophe. But his efforts to stop the plan fail, turning him into a screw-up on a global scale. Consumed with guilt, he heads for the East on a personal quest for self-betterment, despite knowing he might not make it far with heart problems.

Meeting a group of friendly wanderers makes traveling easier, and the spirited woman taking an interest in him gives Sasha hope for a brighter future. But with guilt and bad habits following close behind and wasteland dangers ahead, he’s only a failure away from ruining this too. He has the chance for romance and the new life in America he craves, if he can overcome his personal demons once and for all.

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The Travelers Series is a collection of "cozy" post-apocalyptic books by author, Alia Hess. Many can be read as standalone stories.

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