Don’t let anyone in, and don’t let anyone out.


In post-apocalyptic America, The Librarian stays safe by sheltering in a vast but crumbling library. With endless knowledge at her disposal, she has the ability to keep at arm’s length a lawless world that betrayed and hurt her, leaving her disfigured.


The mysterious cult that lives beneath the library is scarier than anything she’d encounter on the road, and its sinister Founders issue harsh punishments for even the smallest transgressions. But together they live in a delicate balance. They provide her with security, knowledge, and the freedom to dwell in her solitude and anonymity, in elaborate masks that hide her disfigurement. In exchange, she protects the Order from outsiders and prevents the cultists from leaving.


When a critically wounded man with a broken drone arrives, she can’t bear to turn a blind eye to his suffering the way others did to her in the past. Instead of watching him die on the library’s doorstep, she turns him over to the only cult member she trusts, risking banishment. As the Order probes the outsider for information about his coveted technology, he’s less than forthcoming. The abusive treatment he receives divides the cult, tipping the situation into a revolt and forcing the Librarian to choose between fleeing, or standing her ground against the violent Founders with the few people she cares for. 


One risks confronting the danger and loneliness of the wasteland. The other means facing her greatest fear—unmasking herself to the world.

Content warnings:

Anxiety, language, m/m non-graphic sex and sexual elements, brief violence, amputation, brief mention of homophobia, mentions of disfigurement, discussion of pandemic, child suffering from a virus, brief animal harm

Neurodivergent (autism), asexual, gay, lesbian, nonbinary, trans, and bisexual rep 

The Travelers Series is a collection of "cozy" post-apocalyptic books by author, Al Hess. Many can be read as standalone stories.

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