Mazarin’s idea of the perfect Valentine’s gift for his beloved Em is restitution from the woman who did Em wrong.

Heading into a rival speakeasy for a little romantic revenge isn’t anything Mazarin can’t handle, and besting Em’s ex at a jive contest should be harmless fun. With a plan, plenty of skill cutting a rug, and Reed by his side, he can pull this off.

But there’s something fishy about this wingding. Reed’s crippling anxiety doesn’t make him the best dance partner, and if anyone discovers Mazarin is an AI, it could spell trouble.

Problems compound when a surprise new update is installed in Mazarin’s software—without his consent—and he suddenly has much more to contend with than trying to win a Valentine’s rag.

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Hep Cats of Boise is a series of 30s-flavored, dystopian sci-fi books by author, Alia Hess. More are coming in the future.

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