The Librarian stays safe from the dangers of the wasteland by acting as gatekeeper to an ancient and mysterious cult known as the Order. She has an entire library of Old World knowledge at her disposal, and the Order’s protection… as long as she doesn’t ask questions and follows the rules: Don’t let anyone in and don’t let anyone out.

When she lets in a wounded outsider, talk circulates. How can the cult and its Founders capitalize on the man’s injuries to advance their twisted beliefs and improve their secret technology? Suffering from mutilation of her own before her life with the Order, the Librarian can’t bear to see similar harm come to someone else. She let him in, and she’s determined to get him out.

Devising a rescue might mean saving the life of an innocent man, but going against the Order will forfeit their protection and incur the wrath of Founders with unimaginable science at their disposal. 

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The Travelers Series is a collection of "cozy" post-apocalyptic books by author, Alia Hess. Many can be read as standalone stories.

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